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What is EasyMediaBuy

About EasyMediaBuy

EasyMediaBuy leverages on technology to do your traditional mediabuying
such that you can measure the reach of your campaigns.
You can accurately measure your Traditional mediabuying reach with EasyMediaBuy

Above and Beyond
Value Delivered

EasyMediaBuy monitors and reports on your media buy with comprehensive analysis of the reach of your campaigns.

No more wasting your marketing and advertising money on ineffective channels. For every campaign, you get access to overviews and granular data (both time-based and segment-based data) on the effective reach of the media buy.

You get to do all your media-buying in one place, with the peculiar advantage of buying your slots way ahead of time. Skip the hustle and competition, and secure those prime ad slots for your future campaigns conveniently.

How it works
What EasyMediaBuy offers

What we do

We Identify your business objectives research and deliver best locations and channels for your traditional media buy
You can monitor your campaign reach with easymediabuy

Deep Market Research

We start with a strategic look at your business objective, Analyze the market and create a Media Plan with proper Media Mix, to ensue your message is in front of the right audience.

We give you pre-campaign demographics reports of Locations, media channels to give you picture of your campaign's Potential Reach.



Using Technology, we can give you Realtime and historic analytics of the Media buying efforts, Analytics like how many people were exposed to your billboard, How many people heard your Electronic media Ads.

You can't get this anywhere else, With our Tech, We measure the hard to measure

Highly targeted

We have a HUGE network of media partners. This affords us the choice and advantage to select the channels that are most reliable and cost-effective in optimally meeting your business goals .

We follow your media buying schedule to procure advertising slots that will perfectly put your business in front of the right faces in the right places at the right times, delivering optimum value for your budget.


Cost Effective

We get you Insane discount on all media purchases we execute, discount You won't get anywhere else

Means you can do more with your budget using EasyMediaBuy

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Traditional media Analytics

View your outdoor campaign Reach & measure ROI instantly

With Technology enabled EasyMediaPay, Your media buying is now optimized and you can now measure your traditional mediabuying reach.
Are you ready for a measurable Traditional mediabuying experience?

Dashboard to monitor campaign reach
easymediabuy dashboard

We have successfully developed technology to be able to Measure your Traditional Media buy Campaign reach.
We do your mediabuying for you at discounted lower than standard rates and provide you a dashboard to monitor your campaign in real-time

  • Know how many people are exposed to your Bill Board
  • Know how many People are exposed and saw your Print media ads
  • Know how many people saw your TV and Radio adverts (Coming soon)
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Traditional Media , Channels We deploy

Depending on your campaign Objectives and business goals, we adopt various Carefully selected channels that will give you maximum result per budget
With EasyMediaBuy your budget acheives more


Radio, TV, Cable


Newspaper, magazines, Periodicals

Out of Home

Billboards, Mobile advertising, Public places


Landing Page, offline conversion tracking

Operations Team

We are a nimble team of Media, Technology, Analytics experts spread across the world
Our goal is for you to get the best out of your traditional mediabuying


Operations and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Our Traditional Media House partners around the world

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